• Facilitate youth employment for active participation in nation development;
  • Support and encourage active youth participation in the process of development of policies and programmes;
  • Facilitate the socio-economic and cultural development of youths in the country and;
  • Facilitate youth networking and exchange at national and international levels



  • Organize and coordinate youth programmes, policies and provide guideline for the orientation of youth organizations with the view  to harmonizing various youth operations in The Gambia;
  • Conduct research on youth development;
  • Monitor the implementation of the National Youth Policy of Government and decisions of the National Youth Conference;
  • Mobilize resources for  youth development;
  • Work closely with charitable organizations involved in youth organizations involved in youth related work  activities;
  • Organize youth conferences and festival;
  • Promote networking with other national youth bodies and youth organizations abroad;
  • Plan and implement national youth programmes;
  • Maintain a data bank on youth organizations and activities in the country;
  • Register national youth organizations;
  • Determine the fees for the registration of youth organization; and
  • Carry out such other functions that may be desired in furtherance of the objective of the council
  • Supervise the operations of the Regional Youth Committees;