About Us

The Gambia National Youth Council (NYC) was established by an act of Parliament in the year 2000 with the main function of co-coordinating all youth programmes in The Gambia. The council in addition to its advocacy role also advise Government on matters affecting young people amongst others. The creation of the Council is aimed at mobilising and enhancing the participation of young people in national development efforts. Young people constitute over 63% of the population and have innate potentials, which need to be tapped for rapid socio economic transformation.

Since its inception, in 2000 the NYC has embarked on numerous projects and programmes geared towards building the capacity of the youths and improving their general welfare and wellbeing. NYC has embarked on various programmes to fulfil its mandate and functions ranging from supporting the youth centres, staff training and capacity building programmes in the area of policy development, life skills and HIV/AIDS awareness creation among the youth; socio cultural development, economic development and employment programmes, education and awareness raising campaign, support youths with disabilities, networking, supporting youths in agriculture and advocacy against illegal migration were also carried out by NYC.